Fire breaks out at Farah customs

6 Mar 2021

A fire broke out at Abu Nasr Farahi customs in western Farah Province bordering Iran around 11:30 a.m. local time today morning, local sources said. According to the sources, several fuel, gas and storage tanks…

Explosion kills tribal elder in Nangarhar Province

6 Mar 2021

An explosion occurred in Jangalbagh area of the seventh district of Jalalabad City on Saturday morning, according to local security officials. A tribal elder was killed in the explosion, spokesman for Nangarhar hospital Golzadah Sangar…

34 freed from Taliban-run prison in Herat

3 Mar 2021

Afghan commando forces released 34 people from a Taliban-run prison in western Herat Province. The commando forces raided the prison last night in Adraskan district, which resulted in the release of 34 military and civilian…

Cleric shot dead in Kabul City

3 Mar 2021

Unidentified gunmen killed a cleric in Kabul on Wednesday morning. Confirming the incident, Kabul police say unidentified gunmen killed Mawlawi Faiz Mohammad Fayez in the 17th district of Kabul. Police said efforts were underway to…

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India Emerges as Most Favorable Destination for Investments even in COVID-19 Pandemic

19 Jul 2020

Google has announced its plans to invest $10bn in India in the coming years, including in infrastructure…

COVID-19 recoveries exceed active cases in Afghanistan

28 Jun 2020

Afghanistan’s Public Health Ministry has registered 351 new positive cases of the COVID-19 in the past 24…

Afghan gov’t plans to repair 12 historical monuments

28 Jun 2020

Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan plans to repair 12 historical monuments in seven provinces of the country. The…

COVID-19 total reaches nearly 30,000 in Afghanistan

24 Jun 2020

Afghanistan’s Public Health Ministry has registered 234 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. According to the…